Let Applicéo manage your leases and recover the time you need.

What is Applicéo ?

Applicéo is an online application for professionnal leases management. Effective, innovative, secured and automated, it will allow you to free time for your real heart of business.

A quick overview of the possibilities

Activity analysis and files sharing

Applicéo analyses all your activity and displays it in appropriate charts and tables. It also allows you to store your professional files and view them from everywhere and from any device. And you can share them with your stakeholders (accountant, tenant, …).

Automatic lease adjustement and reminders

Applicéo applies leases indexes and adjustments. You will only need to validate values. You can also schedule reminders that will be sent to your email address. Professional users who manage commercial units appreciate !

Fully automated jobs

The end of annoying and repetitive tasks ! Applicéo generates and sends notices of payment and even reminders if the rent has not been paid. It can also send these documents to your tenant, you accountant and/or any other thrid-party person if you want.

Available anywhere, anytime !

24H / 24H

From any device

Your dashboard can be viewed from a computer, a tablet or even a smartphone.
24H / 24H

24H / 24H

Your dashboard is always accessible.
Night and day.

For who ?

Applicéo is the perfect tool for indiviuals, artisans, freelance workers, small and medium-sized companies, people owning one or more real property. It will accomplish in a secure and efficient way all the rent billing tasks that consumes too much of your time.

It couldn't be simpler !

Créez vos documents

Create an Applicéo account

You want to start using Applicéo et and its innovative and efficient services ? It's super easy ! You only need to create an account. Then Applicéo will guide you step by step. Creating an account is easy, fast and free. Applicéo will also assist you in order to set up you account.
Depuis tout type d’appareil

Customize your settings

During the tasks setup, among other things, you will be asked to customize your preferences for scheduled sending of notices of payment. The setup can be completed later and you can edit your data at any time. Applicéo will always suit your needs and remain efficient and productive.
En toute simplicité

Enjoy your free time

Applicéo stores all your files in a secured way. And they will be available from everywhere. You will also be able to create customized accounts for your tenants and accountants in order to grant them direct access to the documents they need if they don't have backuped them.

They trust in Us

Until I discovered the online services of Applicéo, I often spent 2 days a month to create and send notices of payment and rent receipts. Today, all the documents are created and sent automatically and I can now focus on what is really important.

Bérénice D.
CEO of a real estate agency

I was looking for a simple tool to edit my notices of payment and receipts for my tenants. All the softwares I tried until today were way too complex. With Applicéo, now everything is extremely simple, in an almost playful manner.

Guillaume F.
Individual owner

Sometimes, I have to remind tenants to pay. This annoying task was really time consuming. Since I use Applicéo, reminders are sent automatically. I have to intervene only for the most complex cases.

Annie H.
CEO of a real estate agency

What immediately appealed to me with Applicéo is that owners and tenants can view all the documents produced since the beginning of the lease ; Rent receipts, rental agreement, lease, etc.

Antoine P.
Real estate manager